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Everything There is to Know about Parking at New York Airport

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JFK Airport’s Parking Options

JFK Airport has the necessary parking premises to fully serve its passengers. Thus, each of New York airport terminals has its own parking lot, located within walking distance from every JFK airport terminal door, while a long-term parking area, as well as the JFK Cell Phone lots ideal for pick-ups and drop-offs, are at your disposal for your New York airport parking needs. Additionally, assistance services are also provided at JFK Airport, including tire changes, car battery assistance services, etc. 

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New York Airport Short-Term Parking Lots

Each JFK airport terminal handles its passengers’ parking needs via a designated parking area. Those parking lots are to be found close to the terminal’s doors. Thus, you can easily walk to your terminal or even take the airport AirTrain, connecting all JFK terminals and their parking lots as well. AirTrain runs free of charge for inside-the-airport transfers, with a 7-minute frequency during peak times.

The short-term JFK parking lots are color-named. Thus, the parking area of T1 and T2 is the Green Parking Lot, the parking zone for T4 is named Blue Lot, and the parking of T5 is the Yellow Lot. Moreover, the Orange Lot lies adjacent to JFK T7, and the Red Lot next to T8. 

Our Tip 1: Charging stations for electric cars lie in the Yellow Lot, next to JFK airport terminal 5. In fact, five EV charging points are available for passengers owning an electric vehicle. 

Our Tip 2: If you want to reserve a premium spot inside the JFK terminal parking lots, you should make an online reservation.

JFK Airport Long-Term Parking 

If you are to park your car at New York Airport overnight or even more for several days, you should opt for the Long-Term Parking Lot 9 of JFK. The Economy Parking Lot 9  is located next to Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain Station, 4 miles (6.5km) from JFK terminals. Hence, a ride with the free AirTrain from the Long-Term Parking Lot to your terminal should last around 10 minutes. 

Our Tip: Please note that JFK passengers willing to park their car for more than a 30-day period of time must contact ABM on the day planning on leaving their car in the airport parking premises. This rule applies both for short-term car parks and the Long-Term Parking Lot 9.

The Federal Circle Station Parking

 A parking lot is also to be found at Federal Circle Station, splitting the distance between the airport terminals and the Long-Term Parking 9. The Federal Circle Station Lot is available only via in-advance bookings. Therefore, reservations for this car park must take place at least 24 hours before the scheduled arrival at the airport. Parking your car at the Federal Circle Station will cost you 20$/20€ for a day’s stay and 10$/10€ for every 12 hours thereafter.

The Drop-off and Pick-up Areas of New York Airport 

Leaving your car in front of the terminal doors is strictly prohibited at JFK Airport. As only taxis are allowed to drop off or pick up passengers there, even a few-minute stop can lead to the towing of your vehicle. So, where can you park during a pick-up or a drop-off at New York Airport? In fact, you have three options to choose from:

  • Park your car at the terminal’s car park and pay the relevant fee. This isn’t the better choice in money terms. However, it is the most convenient one as terminal parking lots lie within walking distance from each terminal. 
  • Use the JFK Cell Phone Lots situated at the airport complex entrances. JFK Cell Parking Lots are free of charge and serve both the airport’s drop-off and pick-up needs as well as the smooth circulation inside the JFK premises. One Cell Phone Parking Lot, equipped with 373 parking spots, is to be found at Van Wyck Expressway, and the other, with 127 spaces, at JFK Expressway. Both parking areas are only a 5-minute drive from New York airport terminals. Please always keep in mind that while using these parking premises, you are supposed to stay inside your vehicle at all times. 
  • The perfect alternative for a JFK drop-off is to use the Kiss & Fly zone. Lying in the Lefferts Boulevard Station, the Kiss & Fly Parking Lot allows you to say an unhurried goodbye to your loved ones while they can comfortably get on the AirTrain to their departure terminal afterward.

Our Tip: The West Cell Phone Lot is equipped with 10 electric charging stations.

Parking Services for Persons with Reduced Mobility at JFK Airport 

Each New York airport parking lot has designated areas for persons with mobility problems. Those parking spots are to be found just when entering the parking facilities. Both short-term terminal car parks and the Long-Term Parking Lot 9 offer reserved spaces to passengers with reduced mobility at lower prices, as long as they display a disabled license plate or they hand over their official permits.

JFK Airport Parking Fares and Prices 

New York airport parking fares vary depending on the chosen parking facility. However, no matter the JFK parking lot, online reservations always come with better prices. What’s more, as JFK Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, reserving your parking spot is considered, in general, a good idea. On the other hand, payments can be made via debit/credit cards or using contactless payments but not with cash. Passengers owning an  E-ZPass Plus are welcome to use it.

Parking Lots30 minEvery Extra 30 minEvery Extra 30 min Over 3 hours24-h Maximum
Green Lot (T1-T2)4$/4€


Blue Lot (T4)6$/6€6$/6€12$/12€70$/70€

Yellow Lot (T5)6$/6€6$/6€12$/12€70$/70€

Orange Lot (T7)4$/4€
Red Lot (T8)4$/4€

The Long-Term Parking Lot 9 (the Economy Lot) costs 29$/29€ for a 24-h stay and 14.50$/14.50€ for every 12 hours thereafter.


How much is the parking lot at JFK Airport?

JFK airport terminal lots are priced from 60$/60€ to 70$/70€ for a one-day stay. On the other hand, parking your car at Economy Park will cost you 29$/29€ for the first 24 hours. However, online bookings in advance come with lower prices and better deals.

Where is the cheapest place to park at JFK?

The cheapest parking option at New York Airport is undoubtedly the Long-Term Parking Lot 9 (Economy Park), located adjacent to Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain Station. Online reservations are recommended in that case as well, as they guarantee better prices.

Where can I park for free in JFK?

If you want to avoid parking expenses, you should opt for the JFK Cell Phone Lots. Lying in the two main airport entrances -5 minutes from New York airport terminals-, the Cell Phone Lots are ideal for pick-ups and drop-offs, as you don’t have to pay for your spot, but you are obligated to remain near your vehicle at all times.

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