Berlin Airport Parking Services

More than 10.000 Parking Spots Available at the New Berlin Airport

Parking Spots at Brandenburg, Berlin Airport

The new Berlin airport offers more than 10.000 parking spots to meet the passengers’ needs. Hence, parking your vehicle at Brandenburg airport shouldn’t be among your concerns. The modern, innovative, and easily accessible airport parking facilities provide top-rated services at relatively affordable prices. 

Have you booked your flight from BER airport? Make sure you have checked your departure terminal. Brandenburg airport has three terminals and two different parking areas. Therefore, it’s crucial to know which terminal you are flying from to choose the proper car park.

Berlin Airport Car Parks at Terminals 1/2

Berlin Airport Terminals 1 and 2 have eight close-distance car parks to accommodate passengers and visitors. All parking facilities are equipped with stairways and elevators, while each car park has a colour-based navigation system to help passengers find their way through the parking facilities. A different colour for every parking level facilitates the travellers’ orientation. Moreover, departures and arrivals screens keep them up to date during the parking process.

P1 Berlin Airport Car Park

With a 1650-parking space capacity, the parking lot P1 is the closest to the BER Terminal Building 1, in a 100m distance from the terminal’s entrance. Baggage carriers are to be found here, as well as video-surveilled parking spots. Berlin airport’s P1 also has a VIP parking zone.

P2 Berlin Airport Car Park

A little further, in a 200m distance from Terminal 1, the P2 parking lot has 557 parking spots. It also houses the car rental facilities.

P3 Berlin Airport Car Park

The parking lot P3 is located in a 2-minute walking distance from the Terminal’s 1 main entrance. Counting 1955 parking spaces in total, Berlin airport P3 has 105 parking spots for people with disabilities and 10 equipped with electric charging stations. Baggage carriers are provided, while the APCOA Deutschland GmbH center (responsible for BER airport parking services) is also located on the 0 level of the car park P3.

P4 Berlin Airport Car Park

BER airport’s parking area P4 is an uncovered, 347-spot, economy parking lot, 400m away from the main Terminal Building 1. Car sharing vehicle spots dot the P4 parking area, while luggage trolleys are also available.

P6 Berlin Airport Car Park

A half kilometer away from Terminal 1, lies the second uncovered parking of the terminal, the 370-space P6 parking area. The parking lot P6 is also equipped with baggage carts.

P7 Berlin Airport Car Park

Situated opposite of Terminal 2, in a 2-minute walking distance from Terminal 1, the car park P7 has 2580 parking spots, 129 of which are marked as disabled parking spaces. Elevators and baggage carts are also to be found here, while the car park P7 is directly connected via a bridge to the parking lot P8.

P8 Berlin Airport Car Park

The car park P8 counts 1800 parking spots and is located 150m from Terminal 1, right opposite of Terminal 2. It is equipped with elevators and baggage carriers and is linked through a bridge to the car park P7. Out of the 1800 parking spaces, 106 are disabled parking spots.

Short-term Parking Area

The short-term parking area is the pick-up and drop-off area of the new Berlin airport’s Terminals 1 and 2. Located right in front of Terminal Building 1, the parking lot P1 has 308 parking spots (including 6 handicap accessible parking spaces) and is complimentary for the first 10 minutes. No ticket is needed as it is equipped with an automatic system that recognizes the license plate number.

P107 Berlin Airport Car Park

The car park 107 is a video-surveilled, uncovered parking area, at a 1.5km distance from Terminal 1. It also provides a parking zone for people with reduced mobility.

Berlin Airport Parking at Terminal 5

Berlin airport Terminal 5, the old Schönefeld airport, provides 4 parking areas. Out of them, the three are uncovered parking lots complemented by one modern car park.

P51 Berlin Airport Car Park

The parking area P51 is an outdoor, uncovered parking zone with 225 parking spaces. It is located quite close to Terminal 5, only 100m away.

P52 Berlin Airport Car Park

The parking area P52 is the closest parking zone to Terminal 5. Right outside the terminal L area, the parking P52 has 168 parking spots in total (including 9 marked disabled parking spaces), and it also serves as the short-term parking lot of the BER Terminal 5. Verily, 20 parking spaces are marked as a drop-off/pick-up zone, free of charge for parking up to 5 minutes.

P54 Berlin Airport Car Park

The one and only Terminal 5 car park, the parking lot P54, isn’t so close to the terminal entrance, still, it is located within a 3-minute walking distance from the old Schönefeld terminal building (the new Berlin airport terminal 5). Having a capacity of 759 parking spots, the car park 54 provides 6 specially marked spaces for passengers with mobility issues and 38 spots for XXL vehicles. The parking lot 54 has the same colour-guide with the Terminal’s 1 car parks, hence, the travellers’ orientation inside the parking is easy and hassle-free. Elevators and baggage carriers are also available here. Moreover, it is the Terminal’s 5 drop-off point for car rentals.

P56 Berlin Airport Car Park

The third parking area of Terminal 5 is the parking lot P56, in a 200m distance from the terminal building. The parking area P56 has 1068 parking spots, including 11 marked spaces for people with disabilities.

Berlin Airport Parking Fees

Berlin airport parking fees vary depending on the chosen parking area. The uncovered parking lots are more affordable, while the modern and protected car parks’ cost ramps up. 

What you should keep in mind is that booking your parking spot online, via a credit or debit card, is highly recommended in Berlin airport. Better prices, discounts and special deals come with online booking. In any case, if you prefer buying your parking ticket on the spot, check out the price list for every parking zone:

Parking AreaUp to 1hUp to 2hUp to 24hUp to 1 week
Car Park 1
(Terminals 1-2)
Car Park 2
(Terminals 1-2)
Car Park 3
(Terminals 1-2)
Car Park 4
(Terminals 1-2)
Car Park 6
(Terminals 1-2)
Car Park 7
(Terminals 1-2)
Car Park 8
(Terminals 1-2)
Car Park 107
(Terminals 1-2)
Short Term Parking (Terminals 1-2)12€24€140€980€
Car Park 51 (Terminal 5)5€10€38€119€
Car Park 52 (Terminal 5) - Short-term12€24€72€504€
Car Park 54 (Terminal 5)7€14€49€199€
Car Park 56 (Terminal 5)5€10€38€119€

Useful Info about Berlin Airport Parking

  • Travellers with mobility issues having a “G”, “aG”, “B” or “BL” pass and an orange/blue parking pass, can park free of charge for up to 1 hour. From that point on, they are entitled to a 50% discount on the set parking price. However, this discount doesn’t apply if they have already benefited from online, pre-booking offers.
  • All the parking zones have specially marked areas for families and women. 
  • Booking your parking spot online offers you special deals and discounts.
  • You can’t book a specific parking spot. You only get to choose your preferred car park or parking area.
  • Pre-booking a parking spot for electric vehicles isn’t an option.
  • There are help buttons at the entries/exits of all parking areas. 
  • APCOA handles Berlin airport’s parking services and is responsible for parking management. APCOA control center is located in the car park 3 (P3) of the new Berlin airport.

For more info: APCOA Parking Deutschland GmbH
Parking control center car park P3
Margarete-von-Etzdorf-Straße 1
12529 Berlin
+49 711 30570305