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JFK Airport Transfers: The Definition

Many JFK passengers value comfort and premium services. Hence they choose a New York airport transfer to reach their destination in NYC. So, what exactly a private airport transfer stands for?

When opting for a JFK airport transfer, you can expect tailor-made, door-to-door, and luxury services. Thus, after filling out the relevant form and making your reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation email (actually a voucher) with all the details of your transfer. As soon as you land at New York Airport and retrieve your luggage, you’ll find your assigned driver waiting for you right outside the baggage claim area, holding a card with your name written on it. Are you traveling with lots of luggage? You don’t even have to think about it. He will assist you with your personal items while escorting you to the reserved vehicle parked just outside the terminal’s doors. All you’ll have to do is make yourself comfortable in the back seat and enjoy the ride to your accommodation in the city of New York. Should you have any questions about your NYC trip, the locally-acquainted driver will provide you with all the useful hints and tips to make the most of your stay in the Big Apple.

Our Tip 1: Even if you haven’t already booked a New York airport transfer, you’ll find the private transfer companies’ self-service desks at the Port Authority Welcome Center on the Arrivals level of each terminal. Hence, you can contact the airport transfer agency and make the required arrangements.

Our Tip 2: Shared-rides is also an option at JFK Airport.

Transfers from JFK Airport: the Main Assets

So, what are the main advantages that make a private airport transfer one of the most convenient ways of transferring from JFK Airport? In detail, a New York airport transfer gives you:

1. Maximum Convenience and Comfort

There is nothing more convenient than having your driver waiting for you at JFK Arrivals hall as soon as you get off the plane and retrieve your luggage. Trying to spot the taxi stand or the bus stop can be a real fuss, especially after a long flight. Moreover, JFK airport buses don’t offer direct transfers to Manhattan, while the efficient and direct subway and Long Island Railroad call at Jamaica and Howard Beach Station. Hence, they require a 15-minute ride with AirTrain, making the transfer a lot less comfortable.

Moreover, your reserved vehicle will be waiting for you right outside the Exit doors of your JFK airport terminal (even though picking-ups and dropping-offs are strictly forbidden there). Your driver will handle your luggage to that point, making your life a lot easier!

2. Briefness of the Airport Ride

NYC taxis are iconic and efficient. Still, waiting time in line for a NYC airport taxi can be significant, making transfers from JFK Airport much more time-consuming. On the other hand, LIRR (Long Island Railroad) is the fastest way to reach downtown. Nevertheless, it requires an AirTrain ride to Jamaica Station, losing, for that reason, points from its comfort and, to a smaller degree, from its effectiveness. On the contrary, a New York airport transfer offers you a relaxed pick-up outside the terminal and a direct ride to your destination. Besides the traffic levels, nothing else can affect the duration of your transfer.

3. Safety

Trains often get overcrowded, leading to many pickpocketing incidents. Therefore, traveling via subway or LIRR and having your luggage exposed isn’t by far the safest option. With a JFK airport transfer, your personal belongings will be safely placed on the vehicle’s trunk, and you’ll maintain your peace of mind.

On the other hand, NYC airport taxis may be a safe way of transport, yet, you’ll find many individual drivers claiming to be professional and offering you cheaper (actually a lot pricier) rides to the city center. Hence, getting scammed is always a risk when choosing to travel with an ordinary NYC airport taxi.

4. Door-to-Door Services

A New York airport transfer guarantees door-to-door services. During the booking process, you’ll have to fill in your destination point so that your assigned driver can drive you right in front of your lodging door. There is no need to have the address written down or try to find the closest intersection and face miscommunication problems with your driver.

5. A Relaxed Flight

Is your flight canceled or delayed? Are you worried about reaching your destination on time? Travel stress-free, knowing that your driver will be instantly informed about your flight’s changes, and he’ll still be at your meeting point on time to drive you to NYC in the most relaxed way possible.

6. The Vehicle of Your Choice

Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for the right car type for your New York airport transfer. All the JFK private transfer companies have large fleets consisting of various vehicle categories. Family and mini cars, luxury vehicles, SUVs, vans, or even shuttle buses are at your disposal. Well-maintained and thoroughly inspected, usually they are as good as brand new. Please remember that making your JFK airport transfer reservation as soon as possible not only guarantees better prices but also gives you access to a wider variety of vehicle models.

7. The Top-Quality Drivers

JFK airport private transfer companies cherry-pick their drivers. They all are highly trained and skilled, with years of experience. What’s more, they are aware of all the tips and hidden gems that will make your NYC stay simply unforgettable.

8. Value-for-money rides from New York Airport

Despite being slightly costlier than ordinary taxis, New York airport transfers are still a value-for-money option. NYC airport taxis offer set prices. However, additional charges, such as tolls, tips, etc., aren’t included in the fixed fare. Hence, you can never be sure about the exact cost of your New York airport ride. On the other hand, a JFK airport transfer comes with a predetermined fare. You’ll have to pay the price during the booking procedure, and you won’t be asked for anything else, no matter the circumstances. Heavy traffic levels, tolls, or extra amenities such as child seats won’t raise the price.

New York Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

The price of a JFK airport transfer varies depending on the destination’s point, the type of reserved vehicle, the number of passengers, etc. Nevertheless, when booking a private airport transfer, you can be certain about the final cost. No extra charges apply to the agreed fee. In general terms, a New York airport transfer to Manhattan costs approximately 81$/81€ for 2 passengers. However, this is only a generic estimation. In any case, booking your airport transfer as early as possible guarantees lower prices and better deals.

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New York Airport Transfer to Hotel

You won’t come up with a more relaxed and convenient way of traveling from New York Airport to your hotel. JFK airport transfers are the most comfortable option for your transfer, as they guarantee unwinding rides, drop-offs in front of the hotel’s doors, and many extra amenities and services depending on your agreement. Still, if you want to save money on your trip expenses, you should check if your hotel offers a free New York airport transfer before making your reservation.


How much is a private transfer from JFK to Manhattan?

The price of a JFK airport transfer varies depending on numerous factors. To begin with, the type of vehicle can raise the final cost, while extra amenities or the number of passengers will almost certainly affect the price. In any case, early bookings guarantee better deals. 

What is the difference between a taxi and a private transfer?

A private transfer is a pre-arranged transfer that comes with a set price and many side amenities. Thus, when booking a JFK airport transfer, you’ll have your driver waiting for you at the Arrivals hall, assist you with your luggage, and show you the way to the vehicle parked outside the JFK terminal. Offering handy advice and insight tips, he’ll drive you to your destination point in NYC with no extra cost than the already agree and paid during the booking process.