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The Six Terminals of John F. Kennedy International Airport

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The JFK Terminals

New York Airport consists of 6 terminal buildings, numbered 1 to 8, as T3 and T6 were demolished in 2013 and 2011, respectively. In fact, the airport complex spreads over a central road bounded by terminals. Thus, JFK airport’s layout resembles a U shape, while its central area houses amenities such as parking facilities and a power plant. Overall, JFK terminals’ configuration is as follows:

JFK Airport Terminal 1

JFK airport terminal 1 serves various international airlines while offering a wide variety of dining and shopping options. Fast-food chains and casual eateries, designer shops, and duty-free areas are available to passengers departing from JFK T1, along with lounges and other premium services. T1 is the only terminal with a landside food court and 24/7 eating establishments. Opening its doors in 1998, it has 11 gates and is one of the two New York airport terminals that can handle the Airbus A380. 

T1 Arrivals level hosts the baggage claim area and amenities, such as a concierge desk, a refreshment counter, and a currency exchange. On the other hand, the check-in points are to be found at the Departures level, along with Gates 1-11 and the retail facilities. Finally, the food court and several lounges lie at the Mezzanine level. 

JFK Airport Terminal 2

New York airport terminal 2 was built back in 1962. Nowadays, it is most commonly known as Delta terminal and has 11 gates but no US customs, meaning that it can basically serve only domestic flights. In fact, T2 is planned to be demolished in the near future and replaced by the renovated T1.

JFK Airport Terminal 4

JFK airport terminal 4 is a massive terminal building. Owned by JFKIAT, it replaced the old international arrivals building and started its operation in 2001. It serves more than 34 airlines, houses plenty of dining and retail options, and even a chapel area. With 38 gates, it is split into 2 concourses: Concourse A, handling Asian and European international flights, and Concourse B, dealing with domestic and international destinations and mostly with Delta and the other Skyteam airlines. What’s more, T4 is the second JFK terminal capable of welcoming Airbus A380 flights. 

T4’s level 1 houses arrivals with check-in desks and the baggage carousel zone. The terminal’s level 2 hosts Departures. Here, one can find the check-in kiosks and access the two concourses, where the boarding gates, as well as the food court and the terminal’s shopping area, are located.

JFK Airport Terminal 5

JFK airport terminal 5 is JetBlue’s terminal, even if it serves other airlines too. Its construction in 2008 led to its incorporation with TWA Flight Center, which is now part of T5. Its design is breathtaking, having won multiple awards. Besides that, it has 29 gates and is spread into two levels, departures and arrivals, while providing its passengers with many facilities and services.

JFK Airport Terminal 7

British Airlines currently run JFK airport terminal 7. Hence, New York airport’s T7 is the only USA airport terminal handled by a foreign air carrier. It has 12 gates and offers adequate amenities to travelers while being split into a Departures and an Arrivals level, and a Concourse zone where the boarding gates are to be found.

JFK Airport Terminal 8

JFK airport terminal 8 lies now in the location where the old terminals 8 and 9 used to be found. It is considered a major aviation hub for Oneworld member airlines and mainly for American Airlines, the air carrier which ultimately manages the terminal. Its size is enormous -nearly twice as big as Madison Square Garden!- and it welcomes more than 12.8 million passengers annually. Divided into arrivals and departures, the Departure level leads to two concourses, Concourse B and Concourse C. Its 29 gates are spread throughout these concourses.

Transfer Between JFK Terminals

JFK terminals are connected via the AirTrain service, which offers free rides for in-between terminal transfers, with a 7-minute frequency during peak hours. With 3 available routes (one heading to Jamaica Station, one to Howard Beach Station, and one connecting the terminals), AirTrain runs around the clock, 7 days a week, and is considered the most convenient option for connecting flights. Even though some of the JFK terminals are within walking distance, heading from one terminal to the other on foot isn’t recommended. Indeed, the roads are busy with traffic, and walking can become tricky and dangerous. Unfortunately, to take the AirTrain, you have to pass through security and recheck when arriving at the terminal handling your onward flight. 

However, Delta Airlines have made the life of its transit passengers a lot easier by introducing a free shuttle (Delta Jitney bus). Jitney buses handle in-between T2 and T4 transfers for Delta clients, making 3 stops on their way (near Gate C60 of T2 and near Gates B54 and B18 of T4). Moreover, in the context of collaboration between American Airlines and JetBlue, the two air carriers offer free post-security shuttle transfers from JFK airport terminal 5 to T8 and vice versa to their passengers.


Is JFK T2 domestic or international?

JFK airport terminal 2 handles almost exclusively domestic airlines, as it isn’t equipped with US customs facilities. Nevertheless, T2 is planned to be demolished and replaced by JFK airport terminal 1.

What terminal is JetBlue at JFK airport terminals?

Even though serving other airlines as well, T5 is considered the JetBlue terminal of New York Airport. Indeed, JetBlue is the major airline operating at JFK airport terminal 5.

What airlines are in terminal 4 at JFK?

T4 is one of the biggest JFK terminals, serving both international and a fewer domestic destinations. Hence, Aeromexico, Air India, Air Europa, Avianca, Caribbean, China Airlines, China Southern, Copa Airlines, Delta, ELAL, Emirates, Etihad, Hainan, JetBlue, Kenya Airways, KLM, Kuwait Airways, LATAM, Singapore Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet, and Xiamen Air are the air carriers present at JFK airport terminal 4.

Are terminals 2 and 4 connected at JFK?

All JFK airport terminals are connected via the AirTrain. However, the service is provided landside, meaning that passengers have to pass through security control and re-check in when arriving at the desired terminal. Despite this fact, Delta airlines passengers can transfer airside from T2 to T4 for free, using the Delta Jitney buses.