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Transfer Options from JFK to Newark (EWR)

Even though considered a New York Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport is located in another state, in the state of New Jersey. However, the distance between the two airports is only 35 miles (56km). Thus, if your upcoming flight departs from EWR Airport, you’ll have the following options to get from JFK to Newark: the comfy airport taxis, the premium JFK airport transfers, the handy car rentals, or the less convenient yet cost-effective train.


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi130$-140$130€-140€48 min
Train34.25$34.25€75-80 min

JFK to Newark Airport by Taxi

The distinctive and worldwide-known NYC airport taxis guarantee a convenient transfer from JFK Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport. Available day and night outside the airport’s terminals, they offer safe rides. Nevertheless, you should always take your cab from the official taxi ranks, as scamming incidents from individual drivers, who claim to offer low-cost services, are a common fact at JFK Airport.

NYC taxis are metered. Thus, you won’t be offered a set price for your journey. In any case, you should expect a 113$-123$/113€-123€ fee for your 48-minute ride to Newark in New Jersey, plus the Newark Surcharge (17.50$/17.50€), the toll fares (about 15$/15€ as you’ll be charged for the return toll fees as well) and the not obligatory still expected for efficient services tip (around 15%-20%). Hence, your total taxi journey from JFK to Newark should cost about 130$-140$/130€-140€, under normal traffic conditions. As the tariff is calculated via the taximeter, the usual NYC traffic jams affect the price. Still, you won’t have to pay extra for your luggage.

Our Tip 1: At the beginning of the ride, the taximeter should indicate “Rate #3 – Newark Airport”.

Our Tip 2: JFK Airport is extremely busy. Hence, waiting in line for a taxi can be even longer than 30 minutes during rush hours.

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JFK to Newark Airport by Train

Taking the train for your transfer from JFK Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport is definitely an affordable option. Still, it isn’t by far a convenient one, a fact rather important, especially after a tiring flight or an upcoming long one. Indeed, when opting for a train ride, a four-time change of lines is expected to reach EWR.

To begin with, after landing at New York Airport, you should follow the signs to AirTrain. The airport’s shuttle calls at all terminals every 7-15 minutes, around the clock. Despite being free for between-the-terminals rides, the trip to Jamaica Station will cost you 8$/8€. You can pay for your ticket at the automatic machines in Jamaica Station using cash or cards. However, the purchase of a Metrocard is also necessary. The refillable 1$/1€ Metrocard can be charged with money and used in NYC subway and bus lines. Please be careful to use the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) automatic vendors and not the subway ones so as to purchase your LIRR ticket as well. After buying your LIRR ticket, you’ll hop on the train to Penn Station in Manhattan. Keep in mind to keep the ticket at all times, as the train conductor will have to check it while onboard.

After arriving at Penn Station, you should buy your ticket from the station’s machines or kiosks and hop on the NJ Transit train heading to Newark Airport Railroad Station. The NJ Transit ticket also includes the fare for the last required train ride to EWR, the transfer with the Newark AirTrain. Therefore, finally, you’ll have to find the EWR AirTrain stop at Newark Airport Railroad Station. AirTrain runs to all EWR terminals (A, B and C).

Our Tip: You’ll be asked for your ticket twice, once inside the NJ Transit train and once for the AirTrain ride.

The Cost of your Transfer

The JFK AirTrain costs 8$/8€, plus the purchase of a Metrocard (1$/1€). On the other hand, the LIRR ticket’s price varies, depending on the time and the day. On weekdays and during peak hours, it costs 10.75$/10.75€. On weekends and holidays and during non-peak hours, it is priced at 7.75$/7.75€. Children younger than 5 aren’t charged for their transfer, while kids 6-12 pay half the price.

The price for the NJ Transit train ride from Penn Station to Newark Airport Railroad Station is 15.50$/15.50€. Children under 5 years of age travel for free, and kids 5-11 pay 11.50$/11.50€.

Hence, the total cost of the transfer will be 34.25$/34.25€ during rush hours and 31.25$/31.25€ during off-peak hours.

Our Tip 1: You can buy the NJ Transit rail ticket on board (only in cash). However, it will be costlier, and you’ll have to purchase the 8$/8€ Newark AirTrain ticket separately.

Our Tip 2: if buying the NJ Transit rail ticket via the NJ Transit app, you’ll have a 10% discount.

The Journey’s Duration

Overall, you can expect a 75-80-minute ride from JFK to Newark without taking into consideration the waiting time. JFK AirTrain runs 24/7, every 7-15 minutes, and needs 15 minutes to reach Jamaica Station, while the LIRR trains also operate around the clock, with a 3-minute frequency during peak hours and a 5-20-minute at other times. The journey to Penn Station lasts around 20 minutes. On the other hand, the NJ Transit trains have available routes from 05:00 am to 01:00 am and their ride to Newark Airport Railroad Station takes 22 minutes. Finally, the Newark AirTrain runs on a 3-5-minute basis from 05:00 am to 09:00 pm, and every 15 minutes from 09:00 pm to 05:00 am. The journey to EWR terminals is about 15-20 minutes.

JFK to Newark Airport by Bus

An express bus line connected JFK Airport to Manhattan, providing direct services. Thus, the NYC Express was another alternative for transfers from JFK to Newark. It was a time-consuming (the ride could last up to 3 hours and 30 minutes) and indirect option (requiring a transfer to Manhattan and then, to Newark Airport). Still, it was quite affordable. In any case, this service is out of operation for the time being. It is planned to get replaced, but the exact time of replacement is unknown. For the time being, only private transfer companies provide shuttle services.

Car Rental from JFK to Newark Airport

NYC car rentals are ideal for stress-free and independent transfers. Fortunately and as expected, the busy JFK Airport hosts all the major car rental companies, both international agencies and local providers. Thus, finding the perfect JFK airport car rental at the lowest price is only a matter of search. Check the available options, compare the prices, and come up with the best value-for-money alternative. In fact, the sooner you make your reservation, the better deals you’ll secure.

As soon as arriving at EWR Airport, you should head to the Long-term Economy Parking P6, located near terminal 6. There, you can leave the rental car for as long as you want, benefiting from affordable prices. However, please keep in mind that longer-than-30-day stays require contacting ABM.

Private Airport Transfers from JFK to Newark Airport

When aiming for premium and relaxed services, a JFK airport transfer is a one-way street. As soon as you land at New York Airport, you should head to the Ground Transportation Information Counter, near the baggage claim area of each terminal. However, it is highly recommended to book your private transfer from JFK to Newark Airport in advance. In that way, you’ll secure the best prices and have the driver waiting for you at the Arrivals hall, ready to help you with your luggage, escort you to your chosen vehicle and drive you directly and comfortably to EWR for your next flight.


How do I transfer from JFK to EWR?

If you want to travel from JFK to Newark Liberty International Airport, you can choose between the comfy NYC airport taxis or the lavish JFK airport transfers. On the other hand, a car rental is always an option, while as far as public transportation is concerned, an affordable still indirect train transfer is also an alternative.

How much does it cost to get from JFK to EWR?

The approximately 48-minute taxi ride from JFK to Newark costs around 130$-140$/130€-140€, tolls, tips, etc. included. On the other hand, a train ride between the two airports is 34.25$/34.25€ during rush hours but requires a change between 4 different train lines.