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Transfer Options from JFK to Grand Central Station

Located in midtown Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal (or Grand Central Station) isn’t only one of the busiest NYC aviation hubs. It is also an attraction, famous for its architectural value, the works of art hosted in its interior, and many other amenities, such as libraries, top-quality restaurants, retail shops, and even an event hall. Whether you want to just visit the iconic Grand Central or plan an onward train trip, you’ll find plenty of options for your transfer from JFK to Gran Central. Thus, apart from the convenient airport taxis, the lavish JFK airport transfers, and the independent car rentals, you can also opt for an indirect yet much more affordable subway transfer.


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi65$-75$65€-75€40 min
Subway (+ AirTrain)10.75$10.75€60 min

JFK to Grand Central Station by Taxi

Overall, NYC airport taxis are one of the most popular options for transfers from JFK to Grand Central, especially when traveling with children or lots of luggage. The yellow NYC cabs are always available at the official taxi ranks, lying outside each of the JFK terminal buildings. Nevertheless, during rush hours, the waiting line for a taxi can be long.

A NYC airport taxi will drive you to Grand Central, located 17 miles (27km) away from New York Airport, in about 30 minutes. However, the usual NYC traffic jams can raise this traveling time to even 70 minutes. Fortunately, even though NYC taxis are metered, they offer a flat rate for transfers from JFK to Manhattan. Thus, the high traffic levels don’t affect the final price. Nevertheless, many surcharges apply to this fixed rate. As a result, the set 52$/52€ tariff from JFK to Grand Central will end up around 65$-75$/65€-75€ when adding extra charges such as toll fees, tip (though not obligatory, a 15%-20% tip is highly customary), etc.

Our Tip 1: Should you have any complaints or if you have forgotten personal items inside the cab, you can call 311.

Our Tip 2: Unfortunately, scamming incidents are very common at JFK Airport. Individual drivers approach travelers, offering premium fares and skip-the-line services. In fact, they are unlicensed drivers planning to overcharge them. Hence, you should deny any similar offers.

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JFK to Grand Central Station by Subway

If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind changing between lines, you should opt for a subway transfer from JFK to Grand Central. It is by far the most affordable alternative. However, it is definitely not the most convenient one.

Hence, to reach Grand Central Station from JFK, you’ll have to take the AirTrain, running from all JFK terminals around the clock, every 7 minutes during peak hours, and every 15 minutes at other times. Hopping on the Red Jamaica Line, you’ll reach Jamaica Station in about 15 minutes. After disembarking at Jamaica Station, you’ll follow the signs to the adjacent Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue/JFK Airport Subway Station, where you’ll take the Subway Line E heading to World Trade Center. You’ll hop off the train after 6 stops, at Lexington Av/53 St. At that point, you’ll have two options: you can either walk a 13-minute distance to Grand Central Station or take the Subway Line 6 and disembark after 1 stop at Grand Central. The total duration of your transfer will be approximately 45 minutes, not taking into account the waiting time for each train line. As the NYC subway runs 24/7, with an approximate 5-10-minute frequency during the day and 20 minutes at night, you can settle on a subway transfer from JFK to Grand Central, no matter your landing time at New York Airport.

Alternatively, you can take the Green AirTrain Howard Beach Line to Howard Beach Station. You’ll reach your destination in about 15 minutes as well, and you’ll transfer to Subway Line A to Fulton Street Subway Station (a 23-stop ride). Once arriving at Fulton Street Station, you’ll take the Subway Line 4 and disembark at Grand Central – 42 St after 3 stops. In total, your journey will last 65 minutes, plus the waiting time.

The Cost of your Subway Transfer

Although free for transfers inside the airport complex, you’ll have to pay an 8$/8€ ticket for your AirTrain transfer to either Howard Beach Station or Jamaica Station. Moreover, one subway ticket costs 2.75$/2.75€ for adult passengers, whereas children up to 44 inches (111dcm) travel for free. A rechargeable Metrocard will be required to buy both the AirTrain and the subway tickets. Metrocards cost 1$/1€ and are valid for all NYC bus and subway lines. You can purchase your tickets from the automatic machines lying just before the exit of the AirTrain stop at Jamaica Station or Howard Beach Station. Payments in cash, via bank cards, Wallet pay, or Apple pay are all accepted. In any case, please note that you should use the automatic subway vendors and not the LIRR ones. Therefore, the total cost of your ride will be 10.75$/10.75€ (as the subway ticket can be used for all subway rides), plus the 1$/1€-fee for the Metrocard.

Our Tip 1: Subway carriages tend to get overcrowded, making journeys both tedious and risky to pickpocket incidents. Thus, the subway isn’t recommended when traveling with many pieces of luggage. However, as Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue/JFK Airport Subway Station is close to Subway Line E’s departure point, you’ll probably be able to find a seat.

Our Tip 2: Once arriving at Jamaica Station, you can take the Long Island Train (LIRR) to Woodside Station and change to Subway Line 7 to Grand Central. However, despite being a 42-minute ride (without the waiting time), it will cost you more than the subway transfer, as you’ll have to pay the AirTrain and subway fees (10.75$/10.75€) plus the LIRR ticket, costing 10.75$/10.75€ from 06:00 am to 10:00 am and 7.75$/7.75€ during the rest of the day.

JFK to Grand Central Station by Bus

The NYC Express Bus ran from JFK Airport to the New York city center, providing direct transfers to Manhattan. Costing around 19$/19€, it was a value-for-money yet slightly time-consuming option for journeys from JFK to Grand Central. Nowadays, NYC Express Bus no longer operates. Although it is scheduled to get replaced, for the moment, only private companies provide shuttle services from JFK.

Car Rental from JFK to Grand Central Station

Despite the notorious NYC traffic jams, a NYC car rental is ideal for independent rides and transfers. Hence, if you aren’t intimidated by the traffic levels, you’ll find plenty of car rental companies operating at JFK Airport. From international agencies to local providers, New York Airport houses a wide variety of car rental options. Thus, finding the right JFK airport car rental shouldn’t be proven a hard task. What’s more, after searching and comparing, you can come up with a real value-for-money alternative, renting the vehicle of your choice at a competitive price.

Traffic levels in NYC are usually high. Therefore, once beginning your ride from JFK to Grand Central Station, you should expect a 60-minute transfer, even though traveling time, under light traffic, is only 30 minutes. When reaching your destination, you should choose one of the nearby car parks to park your car rental, as street parking is hard-to-find and complicated. Bookings in advance are recommended for parking spots as well.

Private Airport Transfers from JFK to Grand Central Station

If you aim for the utmost traveling experience, you should choose a luxury JFK airport transfer for your journey from JFK to Grand Central. Various private transfer companies operate at JFK, located in the Welcome Center near each JFK terminal’s baggage claim area. It is strongly advisable to make your reservation in advance. In fact, the sooner you book your private airport transfer, the better prices you’ll secure. With a New York airport transfer, you’ll have your personal driver waiting for you at the Arrivals hall, ready to help you with your luggage and drive you smoothly to Grand Central Station, giving you handy insight tips about your journey on the way.


How do you get from JFK to Grand Central?

The most convenient way to travel from JFK Airport to Grand Central is a NYC airport taxi, a private transfer, or an airport car rental. Although dependent on the often and heavy NYC traffic jams, they are direct transfer options, whereas subway transfers require multiple changes of lines to reach your destination. 

Is there a direct train from JFK to Grand Central?

No, you won’t find a train heading directly from JFK to Grand Central Station. Instead, you’ll have to take the AirTrain to Jamaica or Howard Beach Stations, change to Subway Lines E or A respectively, while another change of line will be required to Line 6 at Lexington Av/53 St (for rides with Subway Line E) and Line 4 at Fulton Street Station (for transfers with Subway Line A). 

How much is a taxi from JFK to Grand Central?

Grand Central Station is in midtown Manhattan. JFK taxi rides to Manhattan have a set price, at 52$/52€. Nevertheless, extra charges, such as taxes, toll fees, and tipping (not compulsory, but common practice), raise this price to approximately 65$-75$/65€-75€.