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Transfer Options from JFK to Penn Station

Pennsylvania Station is the main rail hub in NYC and one of the busiest in the world. Thus, if you have a rail ride on the way after landing at New York Airport, you’ll find the following options for your transfer from JFK to Penn Station, located in the area of Manhattan: the comfy NYC airport taxis, the lavish JFK airport transfers, and the independent car rentals. As far as public transport is concerned, you can choose between the fast train and the cheap subway.


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi52$52€31 min
Train (+ AirTrain)18.75$18.75€35 min
Subway (+ AirTrain)10.75$10.75€60 min

JFK to Penn Station by Taxi

NYC airport taxis are an “all-time-classic” option, guaranteeing convenient transfer services from JFK to Penn Station. The well-known yellow cabs are queuing up outside the airport’s terminals, ready to serve the New York airport’s passengers day and night. The official taxi stands are easy to be found, as they are located just outside the exits of each JFK terminal. Please keep in mind though, that the waiting time for a taxi can be up to 30 minutes.

Despite being overall metered, JFK airport taxis offer a set price for journeys to Manhattan. Hence, your 18-mile (28km) ride from JFK to Penn Station will cost 52$/52€. Even so, many surcharges apply to this fare. Thus, a NY State Tax, a PANYNJ Airport access fee, an extra fare for peak-hour rides (04:00 pm – 08:00 pm), toll fees, etc. raise the fixed tariff to 65$/65€. If you add the not mandatory, still highly customary 15%-20% tip (depending on the quality of the provided services), the total cost can be up to 75$/75€. However, no extra fares are imposed for luggage or night transfers. Payments can be made in cash or via bank cards. The traveling time, on the other hand, is around 31 minutes. Although the common NYC traffic jams don’t affect the set tariff to Manhattan (and Penn Station), they can even double the journey’s duration.

Our Tip 1: Once entering the cab, the taximeter should indicate “Rate #2 – JFK Airport”.

Our Tip 2: You’ll probably be approached by individual drivers while exiting your JFK terminal. They will claim to be professional drivers and offer you skip-the-line services and lower prices. However, in fact, they are unlicensed scammers planning on overcharging you, and you’d better strictly deny their offers.

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JFK to Penn Station by Train

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is the best value-for-money option for your trip from JFK to Penn Station in Manhattan. If you opt for a rail transfer to Pennsylvania Station, you should reach the AirTrain stop at your landing terminal (AirTrain stops in all JFK terminals) and take the light airport train running around the clock, every 7 minutes on peak hours, and every 7 minutes at other times. The AirTrain Jamaica Line will take you to the nearby Jamaica Station in about 15 minutes. From that station, you’ll take the LIRR train to your final destination, Penn Station. LIRR operates 24/7, with a 3-minute frequency during rush hours and a 5-20-minute at the rest of the day. The journey from Jamaica Station to Penn Station lasts 20 minutes, making the total duration of the JFK-to-Penn-Station transfer 35 minutes.

As far as the cost of the transfer is concerned, it depends on the time of the day. The AirTrain journey costs 8$/8€ (it is free only for rides inside the airport’s complex), yet the LIRR tickets vary. During rush hours (06:00 am to 10:00 am), they are priced at 10.75$/10.75€, making the total fare of the transfer from JFK to Penn Station 18.75$/18.75€, whereas, during off-peak hours, on weekends and holidays, they are 7.75$/7.75€ (and the final fee, 15.75$/15.75€). During off-peak hours and weekends, you can also purchase a City Ticket, costing 5$/5€. A Metrocard will also be required, adding an extra 1$/1€ to your ride’s fare. You’ll charge the refillable Metrocard with money to pay for your AirTrain ticket. However, Metrocards can’t be used in the LIRR network.

In any case, you can purchase both the Metrocard and AirTrain ticket, and the LIRR ticket from the same automatic vendors just before the exit of the AirTrain stop at Jamaica Station. The ticket machines for LIRR differ from the ones for the subway, so pay attention to using the right ones. You can purchase your LIRR ticket onboard, yet at a higher price.  Children from 6 to 12 years of age pay half the price, while younger ones travel for free.

Our Tip: The train conductor will probably ask for your LIRR ticket, so you should keep it in a safe place.

JFK to Penn Station by Subway

The combination of the AirTrain and the NYC subway is another alternative for your ride from JFK to Penn Station. Although slower, it is the cheapest way to travel from New York Airport to the main rail hub of NYC.

After taking the 24/7 AirTrain, departing from all six New York airport terminals, you’ll head to Jamaica Station. The airport shuttle needs 15 minutes to get to the station while running every 7-15 minutes. Once reaching Jamaica Station, you’ll follow the signs to the adjacent Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue/JFK Airport Subway Station. The Subway Line E calls at that station before continuing its way to Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan. NYC subway also operates on an around-the-clock basis with scarcer routes at night. The subway ride from Sutphin to Penn Station lasts around 41 minutes, making the total duration of the transfer one hour.

The AirTrain (out of charge only for between-the-terminals transfers) ticket to Jamaica Station is 8$/8€, and the subway ticket is 2.75$/2.75€. To purchase your tickets you’ll have to buy a rechargeable Metrocard, priced at 1$/1€. Metrocards can be used for all NYC subway lines and buses. Both tickets and Metrocards are available through the automatic subway machines, lying right before the exit of the AirTrain stop at Jamaica Station. Cash, cards, Wallet pay, and Apple pay are all accepted. Please note that children up to 44 inches (111cm) don’t pay for their tickets.

Our Tip: LIRR trains don’t have luggage storage space either. Still, they are somewhat more spacious. Traveling with lots of luggage on the subway is a hassle as well as a risk, as carriages often get overcrowded.

JFK to Penn Station by Bus

An official of the Port Authority express bus ran from JFK to Manhattan, offering direct transfers to the heart of New York City. Even though the bus ride from New York Airport to Penn Station wasn’t straightforward, the express bus was a cost-effective way of transport, chosen by many JFK passengers. Nowadays, it is out of operation, while plans are made to get replaced eventually. Anyhow, for the time being, only private airport companies provide shuttle services from JFK Airport.

Car Rental from JFK to Penn Station

NYC car rentals are the perfect way of transport for travelers relishing independent rides and not getting intimidated by the high NYC traffic levels. JFK Airport hosts all the major car rental companies along with many local providers. Hence, finding the JFK airport car rental of your choice at a tempting price should be an easy task. Make your reservation in advance to save time at the airport. In fact, early bookings almost always come with better prices and a wider variety of vehicle options.

Once traversing the 18-mile (28km) distance from JFK to Penn Station, you’ll find plenty of private car parks in the nearby area. Hence, if money isn’t an issue, parking won’t be a problem. You can expect a 31-minute ride to the main New York train station. Nevertheless, traffic jams can even double the traveling time.

Private Airport Transfers from JFK to Penn Station

When it comes to top-quality services and premium rides, a New York airport transfer is the ideal way to get from JFK to Penn Station. Forget all about waiting in line for a taxi, carrying around your luggage, or changing between train and metro lines, and opt for a lavish private transfer to your destination in Manhattan. Your driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals hall of your JFK terminal and will show you the way to the vehicle parked outside the exit doors while helping you with your luggage. After a direct ride to Penn Station, he’ll drop you off right in front of the station’s doors, offering you useful advice and tips along the way.


How do I get from JFK to train station?

Apart from the NYC airport taxis, the JFK airport transfers, and the car rentals, you’ll find two alternatives for your ride from JFK to Penn Station. Thus, after taking the AirTrain to Jamaica Sation, you can either opt for the fast LIRR train or the cheap Subway Line E.

How to get from JFK to Penn Station by subway?

After taking the AirTrain to Jamaica Station, you’ll head to the adjacent Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue/JFK Airport Subway Station, serving Subway Line E. Subway Line E heads to Pennsylvania Station. Hence, your total ride from JFK to Penn Station will last around 60 minutes (plus waiting time) and cost 10.75$/10.75€.

How to get from JFK to Penn Station by train?

If you have settled on a rail transfer from JFK to Penn Station, you’ll have to take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station and switch on the Long Island Railroad toward Penn Station. You can expect a 35-minute transfer to your destination (plus waiting time) and an 18.75$/18.75€ fare during peak hours.