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Transfer Options from JFK to LaGuardia (LGA)

Have you just landed at New York Airport, but you have to reach LaGuardia Airport for your next flight? Flying from two different airports can be a real hassle. Fortunately, LaGuardia is only 11 miles (17km) away from JFK. Thus, if opting for a NYC airport taxi, a private transfer, or a car rental, you won’t need more than 30 minutes to get from JFK to LaGuardia under normal traffic conditions. On the other hand, you won’t find a direct public transport alternative for your ride. Still, indirect train and subway transfers are also at your disposal.


OptionsPrice ($)Price (€)Duration
Taxi33$-36$33€-36€30 min
Train (+ AirTrain)18.75$18.75€40 min
Subway (+ AirTrain)10.75$10.75€55 min

JFK to LaGuardia Airport by Taxi

Are you looking for an “easy” and convenient way to transfer from JFK to LaGuardia Airport? Traverse the 11-mile (17km) distance between the two airports with a NYC airport taxi. The yellow New York taxis are always available outside the exit doors of each JFK terminal. Nevertheless, during rush hours, passenger traffic at the anyway busy New York Airport increase. Thus, the waiting time for a taxi can be up to 30 minutes.

The taxi ride from JFK to LaGuardia will cost you about 33$-36$/33€-36€, as you won’t find a set fare for the particular ride. You won’t be charged extra for luggage. Still, tipping the driver (up to 15%-20%, depending on the provided services) is highly customary. What’s more, metered taxi transfers are dependent on traffic levels. Thus, the usual NYC taxi jams can raise the final price as well as the journey’s duration considerably. Indeed, the 30-minute travel time can even be doubled.

Our Tip 1: Once exiting your landing terminal at JFK airport, you may be approached by individuals claiming to be licensed drivers and offering skip-the-line services and premium prices. You should, in any event, deny their services, as they are unlicensed and try to overcharge you.

Our Tip 2: If you are traveling with friends and planning on splitting the fare, you will end up paying the same fee as for a train or subway ride.

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JFK to LaGuardia Airport by Train

The train is a non-straightforward yet cost-effective option for rides from JFK to LaGuardia Airport. Hence, if you opt for a train transfer, you should head to your JFK terminal’s AirTrain stop (luckily, all JFK terminals are served by the AirTrain) and take the light airport train to the nearby Jamaica Station. The AirTrain has available routes every 7-15 minutes, based on the airport’s traffic, and needs about 15 minutes to get to Jamaica Station.

After reaching Jamaica Station, you’ll have to take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to Woodside Station. The train ride will last about 10 minutes. When reaching Woodside Station, you’ll hop on the Bus Q70 to LaGuardia, running on a 10-minute frequency (every 20 minutes on nights). You can expect to reach your terminal in around 14 minutes.

Thus, the total travel time will be 40 minutes, not taking waiting time into account.

Our Tip 1: Fortunately, AirTrain, LIRR, and Bus Q70 run around the clock.

Our Tip 2: Please note that Bus Q70 heads to terminals B and C. To reach terminal A, you’ll have to take the airport shuttle, while terminal D is accessible on foot.

The Cost of your Transfer from JFK to LaGuardia

To begin with, although free for inside-the-airport transfers, the JFK AirTrain costs 8$/8€ for rides to Jamaica Station. A Metrocard, costing 1$/1€, will be necessary to pay for your AirTrain ticket. Please remember that the rechargeable Metrocards can be loaded with money and used for bus and subway transfers around New York City. Moreover, you’ll have to pay for the LIRR train. The cost of the ticket depends on the time of the day. Therefore, from 06:00 am to 10:00 am, you’ll have to pay 10.75$/10.75€ for your ticket, whereas during non-peak hours, on weekends and holidays, 7.75$/7.75€. A City Ticket at $/5€ is also available during off-peak hours (yet not onboard). Bus Q70 is free. Overall, your train ride will be priced at 18.75$/18.75€ during peak hours and 15.75$/15.75€ at other times.

You’ll buy both your AirTrain and LIRR tickets (although different) from the same automatic ticket machines lying before the exit of the AirTrain stop in Jamaica Station. Please pay attention to using the LIRR vendors and not the subway ones. Cash and cards are accepted. LIRR tickets are also available onboard. However, they are costlier. If you are traveling with children, you should know that kids between 6 and 12 years of age pay half the price, while younger ones travel for free.

Our Tip: Please keep your LIRR ticket at all times, as the train conductor will probably ask for it.

JFK to LaGuardia Airport by Subway

Subway is the cheapest alternative for your trip from JFK to LaGuardia Airport. Requiring an AirTrain transfer to Jamaica Station as well (AirTrain calls at all terminals, with available routes every 7-15 minutes, and needs 15 minutes to reach the nearby station), a subway transfer to LaGuardia isn’t a direct option either. Moreover, the limited luggage space and the overcrowding of subway carriages during rush hours make transfers with lots of luggage tedious and risky (neither LIRR trains have designated luggage spaces, yet they are somewhat more spacious).

After disembarking at Jamaica Station, you’ll follow the signs toward Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue/JFK Airport Subway Station. There, you should take the Subway Line E, departing every 5-20 minutes to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue. Your ride should last 30 minutes. Once reaching the station, you’ll have to take the free Bus Q70, running to LaGuardia Airport. If the traffic conditions are normal, you should reach LGA terminals B or C in about 10 minutes. Therefore, you can expect to transfer from JGK to LaGuardia Airport in about 55 minutes, not counting the waiting time. Fortunately, both AirTrain, subway, and Bus Q70 run 24/7. On the other hand, at night, their routes are scarcer.

How Much will the Ride Cost?

For your AirTrain transfer, you’ll pay 8$/8£, plus 1$/1€ for the Metrocard. The Metrocard is a refillable card, valid for NYC subway and bus rides, which you’ll have to use to buy both your AirTrain and subway tickets. The ticket for the subway transfer will cost 2.75$/2.75€, while the Bus Q70 is free. Thus, the total cost of the transfer will be 10.75$/10.75€. Children up to 44 inches (111cm) don’t pay for their tickets.

Our Tip: Should you have any questions concerning your subway ride, you’ll find out that the MTA employees in all stations are extremely helpful.

JFK to LaGuardia Airport by Bus

An airport express bus directly connected the two airports, costing approximately 15$/15€. Despite being affected by the road traffic and making intermediate stops, it was a value-for-money option for your transfer from JFK to LaGuardia Airport. However, the bus ceased its operation. Although it is supposed to get replaced, the exact time of this replacement remains vague. Thus, only private transfer companies currently provide shuttle services from JFK Airport to LGA.

Car Rental from JFK to LaGuardia Airport

A NYC car rental is the ideal way to travel at your own pace without the hassle of public transportation or the cost of airport taxis. If you want to travel with a JFK airport car rental to LaGuardia, you’ll find plenty of options at New York Airport. Local providers and international agencies operate at JFK. Thus, coming up with the ideal rental car for you will be a piece of cake.

Your ride to LGA shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes with light traffic. Once arriving at LaGuardia Airport, you should park your rental car either in the Economy Parking Lot located near the Terminal 1 Parking Lot or in the LGA Discount Parking, lying within an 8-minute drive distance from LGA terminal A, as they are the most affordable parking options.

Private Airport Transfers from JFK to LaGuardia Airport

If you are up for a luxury transfer from JFK to LaGuardia Airport, you should head to your JFK terminal’s Welcome Center near the baggage claim area as soon as you land at New York Airport. There, you’ll find private transfer companies providing top-quality services at competitive prices. Nevertheless, if settling on a JFK airport transfer, it is recommended to make your reservation in advance. In that way, you’ll be able to compare your options and find the ideal for you. Additionally, your driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals hall, assist you with your luggage, and lead you to the vehicle just outside the exit doors. Driving you straight to LaGuardia, he’ll offer you the most relaxed and stress-free transfer experience from JFK to LGA.


How far is JFK to LaGuardia Airport?

LaGuardia Airport lies close to JFK Airport, within an 11-mile (17km) distance. Thus, a car ride from JFK to LaGuardia lasts about 30 minutes. However, traffic jams can even double the transfer’s duration.

How do I transfer from JFK to LGA?

If heading from JFK to LaGuardia Airport, you can choose between the iconic NYC taxis, the lavish New York airport transfers, or the handy car rentals. Alternatively, a train or a subway ride is also an option, yet not a direct one. 

How long does it take to transfer from JFK to LGA?

A car or taxi ride from JFK Airport to LaGuardia takes 30 minutes under normal traffic. On the other hand, the combination of AirTrain and Long Island Railroad leads to a 40-minute journey, whereas traveling time for AirTrain and subway is 55 minutes (not including, in both cases, the waiting time).