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A JFK airport bus is definitely the most affordable option for New York airport transfers. However, it doesn’t offer direct connections from JFK to downtown NYC, while it is considered the most time-consuming transportation mode. Overall, its pros and cons can be summarized as follows:


JFK Airport Bus - AdvantagesJFK Airport Bus - Disadvantages
It's the cheapest transportation means.It makes a lot of intermediates stops.
It operates around the clock. It is dependent on traffic levels.
It is accessible to passengers with mobility problems.Its luggage space is limited.
It doesn't head to Manhattan area. Still, it offers adequate subway connections.

JFK Airport Bus Lines

JFK airport bus lines connect New York Airport to the Queens and Brooklyn areas (and even not to their touristic parts). Nevertheless, many passengers opt for a JFK airport bus, as it is the cheapest transfer option and it offers adequate subway connections to New York City.

Thus, five bus lines serve the JFK airport complex:

  • Q3: serving the Jamaica district, the bus operates almost around the clock, on a 10-15-minute basis during rush hours.
  • Q6: handling Queens’ transfers as well, Q6 runs around the Jamaica area 24/7, with a 5-10-minute frequency.
  • Q7: heading to East New York, Bus Q7 runs from 05:10 am to 12:45 am, every 10-20 minutes.
  • Q10: it connects JFK Airport to Ozone Park and Kew Gardens. Running 24/7, it has frequent routes, almost every 5 minutes.
  • B15: handling the JFK-Brooklyn connection, Bus B15 also operates around the clock, every 8 minutes. Please note that you should avoid this bus line during the night, as it stops at some rather sketchy areas.

Where is the Bus Station at JFK Airport?

JFK Airport doesn’t have a single bus station, but its bus lines depart from different locations inside the airport complex. Hence, Bus Q6 passes via Eastern Road -close to the JFK airport terminal 5 facilities-, where the airport postal premises are also to be found. Bus Q7, on the other hand, calls at the North New York airport cargo area, while Bus Q3 stops at terminal 8. Finally, the bus stop for lines Q10 and B15 lies close to Lefferts Blvd AirTrain Station.

Our Tip: For in-between terminal transfers, JFK offers the handy and free (inside the airport) AirTrain option. Therefore, whatever New York airport terminal you may land at, you can take the AirTrain and head to the relevant bus stop location.

JFK Airport Bus Ticket Fares and Prices

A ticket for either of the JFK airport bus lines costs 3$/3€ and can be purchased inside the bus only in cash. In fact, you can buy your ticket using only coins as bills aren’t accepted. This ticket can be used for another local bus within a 2-hour period of time. If that is the case, you should ask the bus driver for a printed transfer.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Metrocard, costing 1$/1€. Metrocards are rechargeable cards, valid for both bus and subway transfers. A JFK airport bus ticket is priced at 2.75$/2.75€ when using a Metrocard, while this ticket can be used for onward subway rides. However, Metrocards are available only at Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations. Hence, to reach these stations, you should take the AirTrain but not for free. Instead, you’ll have to pay an 8$/8€ fee.

Our Tip 1: Children up to 44 inches (111cm) travel for free.

Our Tip 2: Free Metrocard transfers between bus and subway don’t apply to Metro-North Railroad and the Long Island Railroad.

Express JFK Airport Bus

The JFK Airport Express Bus ceased its operation in 2022. Being the only direct shuttle option from JFK to Manhattan, the Express Bus made 3 stops on its way, charging 19$/19€ for a one-way trip. With designated luggage space, it reached the New York city center in about 1 hour, under light traffic conditions. Announcements have been made claiming that another express line is going to replace it. However, for the time being, no direct bus serves the connection between New York Airport and Manhattan.


Is there a shuttle bus at JFK?

The JFK Airport Express Bus that provided direct shuttle services from New York Airport to Manhattan no longer exists. Though it is planned to be replaced, for the time being, no express shuttle bus serves JFK.

Are there buses at JFK Airport?

MTA bus lines handle transfers from JFK to Queens and Brooklyn Districts. Hence, Q3, Q6, Q7, Q10, Q10 LTD and B15 call at New York Airport. These local bus lines may not reach the New York city center, but they offer adequate subway connections to every part of the city.