Transportation from Berlin Airport to City Center

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)Airport to City Center

Transfer Options from Berlin Airport to Berlin City Center

Landing at Brandenburg Berlin airport, the last thing you need to worry about is transferring to Berlin city center. Adequate private and public transfer options serve the new BER airport, providing passengers with a variety of choices depending on their requirements, priorities and of course, on their pocket. Airport taxis, fast trains and numerous bus lines are at your disposal in Berlin airport. Private transfer companies, car rentals and the famous Berlin car sharing are also alternatives that you should take into consideration.


Taxi45-50€45 min
Bus3.60€45-55 min
Train3.60€30 min

Brandenburg Berlin Airport to City Center by Taxi

Brandenburg Berlin airport taxis are a comfortable and hassle-free way to reach Berlin downtown. Not cheap but affordable, Berlin airport taxis provide value for money transfer services from BER airport to Berlin city center. Available 24/7 at the airport, you can easily catch your taxi from the two official airport taxi stands, on the basement level of Terminal Building 1 and on the L area of Terminal 5. There is no set fare for the journey, thus, the taximeter forms the price. In any case, the usual tariff is about 45-50€ both day and night, while travelling time is around 45 minutes.

Note that both Berlin taxis and cabs from Dahme-Spreewald district equally handle taxi transfers from Brandenburg Berlin airport. However, you can choose whatever vehicle you prefer as their rates are approximately the same.

Brandenburg Berlin Airport to City Center by Bus

The new Berlin airport has efficient bus transport links to Berlin city. Two bus stops are to be found, one at the Arrivals level of T1, serving passengers from Terminals 1 and 2, and the other in the corridor that links Terminal 5 to the train station. The fastest way to reach your destination in Berlin city center is the new airport express bus X7 that heads to U-Rudow Station every 5 minutes. From there, the U-Bahn metro line 7 will transfer you to U-Bahnhof Möckernbrücke. With an 18-minute travelling time from T1 to U-Rudow (8 minutes from T5) and a 25-minute journey from there to Berlin city center, you can get to Berlin in about 45 minutes. Alternatively, the bus line X71 also reaches U-Rudow Station, but departs every 20 minutes.

Moreover, the bus lines 163 and 171 can transfer you to the heart of Berlin. However, their itinerary is less frequent (every 20 minutes) and their travelling time is around 50-55 minutes as they make a lot of intermediate stops. On the other hand, if you are a late-night traveler, the night bus lines N7 and N60 will get you to Berlin downtown, with routes every 30 minutes. 

The single ticket from Berlin airport to Berlin city center costs 3.60€ for adults and 2.60€ for children (6-14 years old), as BER airport is in the Berlin C Zone and hence, an ABC ticket is required. Tickets are available through the airport’s vending machines, online and from the driver inside the bus (but only in cash).

Brandenburg Berlin Airport to City Center by Train

Berlin airport trains are the fastest and most popular transportation mode to Berlin city center. Passengers arriving at Terminals 1 and 2 will find the railway station under the Terminal building 1 at the U2 level, whereas the Terminal 5 railway station is accessible via a covered corridor. Both train stations are located at a 10-minute walking distance from the respective Arrivals areas. However, regional trains stop only at the T1 railway station while S-Bahn trains serve both Terminals.

The regional airport express train FEX links the airport to Berlin Central Station in only 30 minutes, departing from Terminal 1 railway station every half an hour. Furthermore, the regional trains RE7 and RB14 also head to Berlin city center. Nevertheless, they are less frequent, passing once every hour. Likewise, the S-Bahn train S9 connects the new airport to Berlin downtown, reaching the Hauptbahnhof in 50 minutes. The local train S9 departs from both Terminals (1 and 5), every 20 minutes.

The price for a one-way ticket from Brandenburg Berlin airport to Berlin city center is 3.60€ for adults and 2.60€ for children (6-14 years old). As mentioned above, BER airport is located in the C Zone, so you have to buy an ABC ticket. Tickets can be purchased by the automatic machines and the sales points of both airport railway stations, as well as online.

Private Airport Transfers from Berlin Airport to City Center

Private airport transfers from Berlin Brandenburg airport are ideal if comfort and convenience are your priorities. Your private driver will be waiting for you at the exit of your gate and he will drive you to your destination without intermediate stops and any hassle. The price for a private transfer from Berlin Brandenburg airport can be slightly higher than the ordinary taxi fare but if you do a thorough research, you could even book a private ride at the exact same fee.

Car Rental from Brandenburg Berlin Airport to City Center

If you want to feel independent and follow your own pace, you can rent a car at Brandenburg Berlin airport. However, as Berlin airport is one of the busiest European airports, it is best to book your car in advance. The airport is well connected to Berlin city center and reaching your destination will prove to be an easy task. Leaving the airport, you will have to get to highway A113 with direction to Berlin. Take, afterwards, the exit 20 to Tempelhofer Damm and continue to B96. From there, you will have to take the Wilhelmstraße to B2/B5. The total distance is 27km and your journey will be approximately 45 minutes, depending on the traffic.


How far is Brandenburg airport from Berlin?

The new Berlin airport is located at the southeast side of Berlin, in the district of Brandenburg. The distance from Berlin city center is approximately 27km.

How do I get to Berlin from the airport?

For your transfer from Brandenburg Berlin airport to Berlin city center you can choose among taxi, bus and train. On the other hand, there are plenty of car rental options in BER airport as well as transfer companies that provide private transfers. Finally, car sharing is a popular transportation method in Berlin.