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All the Useful Info about JFK Airport Taxis: Fares, Routes and Handy Advices

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Why Opt for JFK Airport Taxis

The distinctive yellow JFK airport taxis are lining up outside each of New York airport terminals, providing comfortable and quality transfer services from JFK Airport to your destination in New York City. Even though New York public transportation is considered fast and effective, JFK airport taxis offer advantages that make them the first choice. Explicitly:


  • They operate on a 24-h basis.
  • Their official stands are to be found right outside JFK airport terminals.
  • They offer door-to-door services.
  • When traveling via taxi, you have your luggage safely stored in the vehicle’s trunk (and not exposed inside the bus or train).
  • When opting for a cab, you can sit comfortably inside the vehicle (and not get overcrowded inside the public transport means).

New York Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Even though New York taxis are metered -thus, their fares are calculated via their taximeter- the 16-mile (26km) ride from JFK Airport to Manhattan comes with a flat fee. Hence, JFK airport taxis charge 52$/52€ for the 45-minute transfer to Manhattan. However, you should take two factors into consideration when reflecting on New York airport taxis: firstly, the notorious NY traffic jams that can double your transfer duration, and secondly, the extra charges that can raise the actual tariff.

 In detail, these surcharges are:

  • 0.50$/0.50€ (NY State tax) for trips only to New York -not to New Jersey.
  • 1.25$/1.25€ – Airport Access Fee imposed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ). However, this fee applies only to JFK airport pick-ups.
  • 0.30$/0.30€ (Improvement Surcharge).
  • 2.50$/2.50€ (yellow-taxi New York State Congestion Surcharge for trips passing through Manhattan south of 96th Street).
  • 4.50$/4.50€ for rides during peak hours (04:00 pm – 08:00 pm). This fare doesn’t apply during weekends and on public holidays.
  • toll fees (approximately 6.55$/6.55€).
  • the not obligatory, yet highly customary 15% tip.

Thus, the total cost of your ride can end up to 65$-75$/65€-75€, all extra fees included. For airport rides to other destinations, an additional 0.50$/0.50€ fare is charged for late-night transfers (08:00 pm – 06:00 am). Nevertheless, NY taxi drivers don’t impose extra fees for luggage. 

Our Tip: New York airport taxis accept payments both in cash and via a debit or credit card.

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JFK Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Is your journey end outside the Manhattan area? Take a look at the NEW York airport taxi fares to other popular destinations around New York. However, you should always keep in mind that with the exception of JFK to Manhattan rides, all the other airport transfers are metered. Thus, the following prices are just an estimation:

JFK AirportManhattan
65$-75$/65€-75€45 min
JFK AirportBetween Terminals6$-8$/6€-8€5 min
JFK AirportRiverdale (Bronx)70$-72$/70€-72€32 min
JFK AirportThe Hub (149th& 3rd Ave.) (Bronx)49$-55$/49€-55€25 min
JFK AirportBrooklyn52$-55$/52€-55€24 min
JFK AirportConey Island44$-57$/44€-57€21 min
JFK AirportCiti Field (Queens)31$-33$/31€/33€13 min
JFK AirportVictory Boulevard (Staten Island)70$-85$/70€-85€40 min
JFK Airport LaGuardia Airport33$-36$/33€-36€30 min
JFK AirportNewark Liberty International Airport113$-123$/113€-123€ (+17.50$/17.50€)48 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at New York Airport?

The yellow NY airport taxis are waiting around the clock outside the Arrivals halls of each terminal. Hence, whatever terminal you may land at, you can simply exit the airport doors to reach the terminal’s official taxi rank. Nevertheless, even though JFK airport taxis run 24/7, New York Airport is one of the busiest aviation hubs worldwide. Therefore, waiting time in line for a taxi can be up to 30 minutes during rush hours. 

However, you should by no means trust individual drivers -often claiming to be Uber drivers- who may offer you airport transfer services. Trying to tempt you, they will suggest skipping the taxi waiting line, letting them assist you with your baggage, and hiring them for your ride, at alleged cost-effective prices. Nevertheless, they will almost certainly overcharge you.

Airport Taxi from JFK Airport to Hotel

Traveling from JFK Airport to your hotel in New York City via a yellow airport taxi is one of the most convenient and safe options, as long as you take your cab from the official taxi stands. Entering your vehicle, your driver will take you to the exact location of your hotel, dropping you off right in front of your lodging doors. No waiting time for public transport, no need to navigate around the chaotic NY, or carry along your heavy luggage on the way. The cost, the NY’s often increased traffic levels, and the long waiting lines at JFK taxi stands during peak hours are the only airport taxi downsides. Still, JFK airport taxis remain a relaxed and value-for-money transfer option. 

New York Airport Taxi Tips

  • Hiring your airport taxi from the official JFK taxi stands is the only way to secure safe transfers and avoid the risk of getting scammed.
  • Every terminal’s Arrivals area houses a Port Authority Welcome Center, providing passengers -among others- with assistance concerning their upcoming taxi transfer.
  • JFK airport taxis can handle up to 4 passengers, whereas minivans up to 5.
  • Extra fares are charged per ride and not per passenger.
  • If you want to file a complaint or you have forgotten personal items inside the cab, you can call 311.
  • You should always take your receipt at the end of your journey or even ask for it.
  • JFK airport taxis offer a set price for transfers from New York Airport to Manhattan. However, rides to other destinations are metered.
  • Please always check if the taximeter is reset and switched on at the beginning of your ride. For Manhattan transfers, the taximeter should display the flat fee. For trips elsewhere, it should indicate 3$/3€.
  • Passengers usually tip their driver, leaving 15% of the final price.  


How much is a cab from JFK?

JFK airport taxis offer a set price for transfers from New York Airport to Manhattan. However, extra charges raise the final cost of the ride. Thus, despite the pre-determined 52$/52€ tariff, you may end up paying as much as 65$-75$/65€-75€. Trips to other destinations are metered, dependent on the taximeter’s indication. 

How do I get a taxi from JFK?

New York Airport has official taxi ranks outside every terminal. Hence, after claiming your baggage, you should head to the terminal’s exit doors. The taxi stand will be located right in front of you. You should under no circumstances trust individual, unlicensed drivers trying to assist you with your luggage and escort you to their vehicle, even if the waiting line for an official airport taxi is long. 

Do taxis at JFK take cards?

JFK airport taxis accept payments in cash but also via a debit or credit card. However, if you are up for paying in cash, you should carry small bills with you, as your taxi driver may not have enough change.